Bootstrap CSS

Use as a CSS Module for server-side JavaScript apps.

WARNING: do not use on any component that inlines child components, because it will pollute their CSS namespaces. Similarly, do not use on the HTML and BODY elements even if your’s is the only app on the page, because it will conflict with the Boomla frontend toolchain.


Example filesystem structure:

./app [type="app-1"]
./app/.Inline [type="sjs-4"]
./app/ [link="package"]

Example ./app/.Inline body:

var cssFile ='../');
var style = response.addCssModule(cssFile);

var p = '';
p += '<div class="'+style['-div']+'">';
    p += '<button class="'+style.btn+' '+style['btn-primary']+'">button</button>';
p += '</div>';


Live demo